Dolle Profi Folding Loft Ladder

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49712 1200 x 700mm 1175 x 676mm 12 2.85m £242.50
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The Profi Plus Timber Folding Loft Ladder from Dolle. 

Comes fitted with a spring counterbalance mechanism for excellent ease of operation.

The 70mm Insulation and draught excluder makes it one of the best loft ladders on the market for prevention of heat loss.

• Top quality Pine ladder with Beech treads folding into 3 sections, with deep, non-slip treads and plastic feet for extra stability.
• Two standard sizes available (1200 x 700mm & 1400 x 700mm) both with 12 treads.
• Supplied complete with a new white faced hatch, lining and ladder for quick and easy installation.
• No storage space needed in the loft as ladder stores completely on hatch.
• Effortless counterbalance operation.
• Supplied with an espagnolette lock and operating pole for ease of use.
• Hidden trapdoor hinges are an added feature and make it easier to paint, varnish or stain the trapdoor.
• Complete with 70mm insulated hatch and draught excluder.
• Comes with plastic architraves to enhance the finish.
• Unit comes complete with a single Red Metal Handrail.
• Tested and certified to EN 14975
• Max working load: 150kg

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1200 x 700mm, 1400mm x 700mm