Little Giant Dark Horse

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Little Giant Dark Horse – 4 Rung

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All the versatility of a Little Giant in super strong Fibre Glass. Together with the tough hinge you have the most compact, versatile and durable fibre glass ladder in the world. Little Giant is now proving popular with major utilities, telecoms engineers and railway maintenance teams.

Product Features

  • Stiles manufactured from non-conductive Fibreglass
  • Unmatched stability thanks to the Quad-Lock™ hinge and wide-flared legs
  • Use the Dark Horse as multiple sizes of A-frame, extension, 90-degree ladders, or as a scaffold system
  • Buy one ladder to do the job of five
  • Use the right ladder for the right job every time and avoid 95 percent of all ladder-related safety issues
  • Life time warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity
  • EN131
Treads Step Height Extended Height Trestle Height Stored Height Open Width Weight Price
4 x 4 1.21m – 2.02m 2.48m – 4.15m 0.91m 1.28m 0.74m 17.7kg £312.00
4 x 5 1.47m – 2.54m 3.04m – 5.27m 1.22m 1.57m 0.74m 20.9kg £350.00

Little Giant Dark Horse Ladder Specifications

  • Treads 4
  • Step Height 1.32m – 2.18m
  • Extended Length 2.74m -4.57m
  • Trestle Height 0.91m
  • Stored 1.4m
  • Overall width 0.74m
  • Weight 17.7kg

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Step Height

1.21m – 2.02m, 1.47m – 2.54m

Extended Height

2.48m – 4.15m, 3.04m – 5.27m