Lyte 2 Section Heavy Duty Rope Operated

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The Lyte Rope Operated range of Heavy Duty Ladders comes with D shaped rungs in both the double and triple extension ladders making it more comfortable for everyday use.

Certified to BS2036 Class 1 1994

These classic heavy duty ladders are probaly one of the strongese commercial ladders available, and are ideal for all professional tradesman.

Wall Runing wheels, interlocking stiles and rope operation makes extension smooth and provides extra strength.

Now fitted with D shaped Rungs and solid moulded rubber feet at both ends.

Automatic gravity latch ensures fail-safe locking.

Rungs Per Section Closed Height Open Height Weight Width Stored Depth Price
13 3.37m 5.95m 20.0kg 455mm 128mm £172.00
15 3.94m 7.21m 23.1kg 455mm 128mm £188.00
17 4.44m 8.21m 26.8kg 455mm 128mm £203.00
19 4.94m 8.96m 29.9kg 455mm 128mm £224.00
21 5.44m 9.96m 37.2kg 455mm 128mm £291.00
23 5.94m 10.71m 45.4kg 455mm 128mm £312.00


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3.37m – 5.95m, 3.94m – 7.21m, 4.44m – 8.21m, 4.94m – 8.96m, 5.44m – 9.96m, 5.94m – 10.71m