ZARGES Class 1 Industrial 3 Section Extension Ladders

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  • Tested and certified to both BS 2037 Class 1 and EN 131
  • Large “D” shaped serrated rungs provide a comfortable horizontal surface during use
  • Box section side stiles for extra strength and smooth handling
  • Easy, precise rung-by-rung adjustment
  • Rung hooks and locking tabs secure the sections together during use and transport
  • Replaceable plastic end caps ensure firm positioning without risk of slipping
  • High strength, non-twist connection between rungs and stiles
  • Overall outside width of bottom sections: 490 mm
  • Standard: EN 131, 150 kilo rating & BS 2037 class 1, 175kg rating
Rungs Per Section Closed Height Open Height Weight
8 2.42m 5.22m 16.2kg
10 2.98m 6.90m 21.1kg
12 3.54m 8.30m 25.0kg
14 4.10m 9.98m 36.0kg


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2.42m – 5.22m, 2.98m – 6.90m, 3.54m – 8.30m, 4.10m – 9.98m