Fibreglass Scaffold Towers

Zone 1 HiLyte GRP 500 Single Width 1.8m

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   The HiLyte Leader GRP 500 Tower is compliant to EN1004:2004 standard and has non-conductive/sparking, non-corroding / non-oxidising properties. The HiLyte Leader GRP can be used in ZONE 1 AREAS; these are areas in which an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation.  In these areas only Zone 1 rated materials are acceptable. However, there are other areas within industrial and manufacturing processes that represent a greater than usual risk of fire or hazard from electrical or chemical contact, or in ‘clean’ environments associated with food and Hi-Tec manufacture.  When safe access is required in these areas in the course of production or maintenance tasks, the use of the HiLyte Leader GRP Tower is highly recommended.

 Lightweight and manoeuvrable and competitively priced the HiLyte Leader GRP 500 features serrated rungs for extra grip when safely ascending and descending the integral ladder system, and unlike any other fibreglass mobile scaffold towers on the market the HiLyte Leader GRP 500 Tower is fabricated and constructed with unique patented anti-fall joints. The anti-fall joint design eliminates the problem of using unsecured adhesive binding joints; preventing the disconnection of joints and ensuring maximum safety. Available in lengths of 1.8m and 2 widths 0.85m (Single) & 1.45m (Double) with a maximum platform safe working load of 200kg single platform and 400kg double width platform, and available up to 12m Platform Height.”

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Platform Width

Platform Height Working Height Platform Width Platform Length Price
2.2m 4.2m 0.85m 1.8m £1,939.04
2.7m 4.7m 0.85m 1.8m £2,337.28
3.2m 5.2m 0.85m 1.8m £2,593.68
3.7m 5.7m 0.85m 1.8m £2,860.10
4.2m 6.2m 0.85m 1.8m £2,923.79
4.7m 6.7m 0.85m 1.8m £3,514.86
5.2m 7.2m 0.85m 1.8m £3,578.43
5.7m 7.7m 0.85m 1.8m £3,844.98
6.2m 8.2m 0.85m 1.8m £4,198.98
6.7m 8.7m 0.85m 1.8m £4,830.93
7.2m 9.2m 0.85m 1.8m £4,894.50
7.7m 9.7m 0.85m 1.8m £5,161.05
8.2m 10.2m 0.85m 1.8m £5,224.61
8.7m 10.7m 0.85m 1.8m £5,815.69
9.2m 11.2m 0.85m 1.8m £5,879.26
9.7m 11.7m 0.85m 1.8m £6,145.81
10.2m 12.2m 0.85m 1.8m £6,209.38
10.7m 12.7m 0.85m 1.8m £6,800.43
11.2m 13.2m 0.85m 1.8m £6,864.01
11.7m 13.7m 0.85m 1.8m £7,130.33
12.2m 14.2m 0.85m 1.8m £7,194.14


Platform Height

2.2m, 2.7m, 3.2m, 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m, 5.2m, 5.7m, 6.2m, 6.7m, 7.2m, 7.7m, 8.2m, 8.7m, 9.2m, 9.7m, 10.2m, 10.7m, 11.2m, 11.7m, 12.2m